These Dancers Found A Way To Fuse Bharatnatyam And Dancehall In Rihanna’s ‘Work’

Bharatnatayam on Rihanna

Just when you thought you’d seen the most epic Indian-Western dance fusion this year (remember the bhangra dance to Fetty Wap’s ‘679’?), another one comes along to knock your socks off (Bharatnatyam And Dancehall).

Earlier this month, Toronto-based dancer Chase Constantino and his team unleashed an awesome dance video on YouTube with tabla beats fused into the dancehall mix of Rihanna and Drake’s ‘Work’.

Why you ask?

To perform Bharatnatyam, what else! The Canadian dance group has also liberally peppered the song with urban dancehall moves, eventually mashing the two dance forms together. The result is smashing!

If you’re itching for more, they’ve done other mashups that can be viewed here.

Check out their awesome video: